Coldplay Rilis Video Klip ‘Birds’


Birds Coldplay – Setelah sukses menjadi raja di chart Top 100 Billboards, pada tanggal 2 Januari 2016 Coldplay merilis video klip terbaru dari album ‘A Head Full of Dreams’.

Video klip ‘Birds’ dari Coldplay yang disutradarai oleh Marcus Haney ini terlihat pengambilan gambar dibuat lebih mudah dibandingkan dengan video klip ‘Adventure Of A Lifetime’ yang menampilkan sosok animasi 3 dimensi simpanse untuk mewakili keempat personil Coldplay.

Kita lihat saja apakah ‘Birds’ bisa sesukses ‘Adventure Of A Lifetime’ di tangga-tangga peringkat musik dunia?

Lirik: Birds

Been standing in the corner
Studying the lights
The dreaming of escaping
Keep you up at night

But someone hat put the fares up
Got me in the rays
So, I guess I better stay

“Uh uh no come on!” you say
It’s a fools gold thunder
It’s just warring rain
Don’t let the fear just start what if
I won’t see you again
Around here you never want to sleep all night
So start falling in love, start the riot and
Come on and rage with me
We don’t need words, we’ll be birds
To make our own key

To make our own key
Only got this moment, you and me
Guilty of nothing, but geography

Come on raise it
Come on and raise this noise
For the million people, who got not one voice
Come on it’s not over!

If you mean it say loud
Come on all for love
Out from the underground away with me
We don’t need words
Close your eyes and see
We’ll be birds flying free
Holding on in the mystery
Fearless through this you
Said we’ll go through this together
When you fly won’t you?
Would you take me too?
In this world so cruel
I think you’re so cool


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